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United Dental Hospital Network was founded in 1992, hoping to combine all the small goals to achieve a big goal. There have been many obstacles disturbing our effort to achieve such a goal. However, we have successfully established a continuously growing dental hospital network group because of the faith and credibility of our customers.

Based on the faith and credibility of our customers, we have been able to classify our medical staff into each medical category to improve the quality of the medical treatment through specialization. We have established a system to increase the level of satisfaction for the medical treatment by providing the most optimistic medical environment and services from reservation and clinical visits to treatment and termination.

Currently, at all the branches of United Dental Hospital, the medical treatment that requires special medical skills, including implant treatment, jaw straightening operation, and straightening treatment, is executed safely by the medical specialists who have successfully completed the course for medical specialists at the university hospitals for each medical category. Also, we have been applying an honest price system without any bubble since we opened our clinic for the first time. By applying such a price system, we have tried to reduce all the unnecessary expenses and minimize the profit, in order to provide our customers with more benefits.
TODAY_United Dental Hospital...

Based on the continuous growth, United Dental Hospital Network Group has become the biggest dental network group in the country with 40 branches. U.D. is currently challenging to become a global dental network group. In order to achieve such a goal, we will actively carry out the process of globalization according to the essential capacities of the domestic medical system. First of all, we have successfully established Washington and California branches in USA, an advanced country in the medical field, in order to provide a base for the expansion of United Dental Hospital. From now on, U.D. will gradually become a great global dental network group in the world. The biggest forces for the accomplishment of such a vision are the special medical skills and the service mind. U.D. is trying to become not only the representative dental clinic in Korea, but also the No.1 dental clinic in the world, by providing dentists and their supporting staff with the world-class medical skills for excellent treatment.

In order to provide customers with excellent services for their faith and love, we will keep providing the best medical skills and treatment services. Also, we will accomplish our social responsibility as a medical institution. United Dental Hospital Network Group has carried out the medical services to return the profit generated by the growth of the hospital to the society. When the dental hospital was established in 1992, we provided the patients having hearing difficulties with free medical services. Also, we provided medical devices to North Korea through the Red Cross. We have been actively participating in various campaigns for social welfare. U.D. will continue to share the profit with the regional society and try to grow together with the world. U.D. will try the best to become a hospital respected by everybody.
  It's not just your teeth, but knowing how to care for them.

Brushing and Fng - The most important thing you can do for your teeth is what you do at home. Daily care helps kill bacteria and control plaque.

Regular Checkups - Dental care at home isn't enough. Regular office visits, including an exam, x-rays and cleaning, can help you avoid conditions like tooth decay and gum disease.

Gingivitis - The earliest form of gum disease that affects 50%~80% of Americans. And if left untreated, it can cause more serious health problems.
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