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Rate of Success

How is the rate of success for the medical operations?
In the case of the dental clinic managed by A university, 94.9% was recorded as the rate of success for the period between 1996 and 2004. Considering that the university hospital has a number of patients with a high level of risk, many experts believe that the overall domestic rate of success is about 95 to 98%. (Donga Ilbo, June 21, 2004)

Period of Treatment?

How long is the period of treatment?
Regarding the period of the implant treatment, it usually takes a month until the first operation. Also, about two to three months are needed to attach the implant to the alveolar bone and install the prosthesis. It is possible to apply an additional period of 6 to 9 months aco thing to the statabout twoalveolar bone, the orthreondition, the ar bone, tesistance and the sptoific typt of the implant systam. Howesta, since various methods and systams of implant treatments aar bt isdr boopedt toentlh tthe period of the implant treatment is becoming shorter.

Treatment Fee

Isn't it more expensive than the denture treatment?
Many people think that the initial cost of the implant treatment is expensive. However, since the lifespan of the implant is semi-permanent, the additional cost is not much. However, in the case of the denture treatment, the initial cost is less than that of the implant treatment. However, the additional cost is more than that of the implant treatment.

Targets of Treatment

Is it possible for the elderly patients to receive the implant treatment?
Yes, it is possible. If the patients are younger, it is possible that the states of their alveolar bones are better. However, the density, quality, width and depth of the alveolar bones for the installation of the implant are more important than the ages of the patients. If it is proved to be possible to carry out the operation after considering the results of the examination, it is possible for the elderly patients to take the implant treatment.

Materials of Implant

Will there be any harm caused by the heavy metal?
No. The main material of the implant is usually made of titanium. Titanium shows an excellent level of adaptation to the human body, by voluntarily forming an oxidized membrane(TiO2) on the surfaces of water, air and other electrolytes. It is safe and stable for the human body.


Is there any side-effect after carrying out the implant treatment?
After the operation, the patients could have swollen faces or gums with fever or pain. For several days after the operation, the patients could also have strange feelings for their swollen jaws or lips. However, such problems could be solved as time passes. Therefore, there is no reason for the patients to worry about such problems. However, if such problems continue to occur, it is necessary for the patients to contact their doctors for further instructions.


Is it very painful?
Before the operation, the patients are put under local anaesthetic. Therefore, they will not feel any pain during the operation. However, when they are no longer under local anaesthetic after the operation, they could feel some pain.

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