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Silver Implant    
1.The periodontal diseases are worsened.

If missing teeth are not recovered, the opposing teeth become longer because of their nature for matching with others. Also, the neighboring teeth start to move to the empty space, causing the teeth to separate from one another. As a result, the arrangement of the teeth becomes irregular. Because of the irregular arrangement of the teeth, it becomes hard to brush the teeth. If the teeth are not brushed well, the level of risk for cavities and gum infection is increased.

2.The declining ability of chewing food causes nutritional imbalance.

If the ability of chewing food is declined, the saliva helping the digestion of food is not actively produced, causing indigestion. Also, eating only the food which is easy to chew causes nutritional imbalance. For the elderly who usually have more than one chronic disease, the related problem is more serious. If the people with such serious diseases as diabetes lose their teeth, it becomes hard to control the levels of diet and blood sugar, worsening the diseases and causing the chance of getting complications to increase.

3.Without teeth, the visual appearance becomes older.

The surrounding part of the mouth could sink, causing a number of wrinkles to form, and the strength for supporting the surrounding muscle of the mouth could be declined, worsening the facial wrinkles. Also, the lower jaw seems to be move forwards, making the visual appearance become much older.

4.If the ability of chewing food is declined, the ability of recognition is also decreased.

The ability of chewing food with teeth is known to have a good effect for preventing forgetfulness and dementia. Therefore, the dental health of the eldery is not only the problem related with the teeth, but also the one related with the mental health.

*Silver Implant
If the elderly receive the implant treatment, the missing teeth recover their functions without damaging the neighboring teeth. Also, it is possible to keep beauty and health. Regarding the silver implant, it is necessary to apply the customized implant treatment for the elderly patients, which can be considered to be the most appropriate by considering the health condition and the state of the alveolar bone. Therefore, it is important to receive such operations from the medical specialists with enough clinical experiences, technical skills and professional knowledge.

  It's not just your teeth, but knowing how to care for them.

Brushing and Fng - The most important thing you can do for your teeth is what you do at home. Daily care helps kill bacteria and control plaque.

Regular Checkups - Dental care at home isn't enough. Regular office visits, including an exam, x-rays and cleaning, can help you avoid conditions like tooth decay and gum disease.

Gingivitis - The earliest form of gum disease that affects 50%~80% of Americans. And if left untreated, it can cause more serious health problems.
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