See the Difference

United Dental Group has provided business services to dentists around the globe since 1991. 

United Dental Group’s affiliated doctors and staff are dedicated to changing the way you think about the dentist. From the moment you walk in, you are shown the utmost care, comfort, and convenience; they strive for a positive experience with every visit.

United Dental Group provides business support to over 120 dental practices around the globe. Each office strives to give their patients a convenient and affordable option whenever the need for a dentist may arise.

United Dental Group handles the background work so that the doctors and staff can provide their patients with the highest quality dental care possible. The knowledgeable staff provides personalized service, while utilizing the most innovative technology and procedures to ensure the patients optimum oral health.

Mission & Values

We support the doctors in working towards accomplishing and fulfilling their vision, they stand firm on service of values that will shape their interactions with their customers, suppliers, and work associates. These values include:

  • Integrity      
  • Customer-Driven Goals
  • Teamwork
  • Economic Value
  • Diversity
  • Loyalty
  • Partnership