5 Common Extraction Questions

Your smile isn’t just something you flash when you’re happy—it can be a huge indicator of your dental health. The dental experts at United Dental Group have been helping people smile worry-free for over a decade.

Sometimes, no matter how much you’d rather avoid it or find another option, it is necessary to extract a tooth or teeth. This caring team of dentists understands how difficult this oral surgery can be, and they’re dedicated to making sure each client is comfortable before, during and after each appointment. They offer a tranquil waiting environment, and they also aim to educate each customer with the details of their treatment beforehand.

Here, they answer the most common questions related to extractions:

Will Anesthesia be Used?
Will X-Rays Need to be Taken?
Can I Eat Before my Surgery?
Will I Need Someone to Drive me Home?
What Happens After my Surgery?